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@promoteabhiTheir are verious technologies that we used for website and software development and these are also be used for developing an iOS and Android App.

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Technology We Use

Technology We Use

Their are verious technologies that we used for website and software development and these are also be used for developing an iOS and Android App. Their are verious advanced technologies that our developers will used to make an advance program.

Technology Stacks We Use For Product Development

Front End Design

These all technology that will mentioned on "Front End Design Section" is only will be used for Front-end Design. Therefore, a front-end designer not only creates the aesthetics and wireframes for the product but also turns them into reality via code.

vue js


Vue, pronounced as view, is a frontend open source model with JavaScript framework. And allows the developer to build interactive and lucrative single page applications. However, Vue.js is an easy to use framework, and supports numerous developmental tools such as Babel, Webpack, etc. It has the competency to create large chunks of code into smaller parts to make mobile apps & website development technologies.



React is an open source platform for development of front end design in the website, which uses javascript. Its component based javascript library lets you build an interactive and user friendly interface. And gives the liberty to use HTML codes in javascript.

It also comes with the unique specialty of working with the virtual browser rather than the real browser which is an edge for the developer creating the front end interface. React.js is used in mobile app development technology and web development technology too.


Angular Js

Angular Js is an open source platform which allows one to create a single page application with javascript. It’s the fastest front end framework which assists in the development of projects with 100% accuracy. Wherein as designers we use, HTML syntax and templates for the development of applications in the website.


These all technology that will mentioned on "Server Section" is only will be used for Sever Selection. Therefore, a Server not only hold our program files, its also be a reason for you digital products performance and stability.



PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a scripting language which is commonly used for developing websites. It’s a widely used open source platform for backend scripting language. It’s fast, secure, well connected with the database, and also versatile. It’s easier to make updates in the same language. Thus with the ease of writing codes, PHP is the premium choice for the development of a site.



Laravel is a web application framework which has easy and expressive syntax. And with the feasibility of performing several tasks such as authentication, sessions, routing and caching, laravel is the top choice for website development and applications. Laravel development also supports the backend data and assists in the functioning of user accounts, order management, exports, etc.



CodeIgniter follows the PHP framework and is primarily used for website development. With the multiple features like uploading of files, managing sessions, box libraries, controller based system, security, email sending class, etc. it’s an easy to use software for developing highly equipped internet applications.



It’s a free cross platform and open source platform for developing the internet application. With the exciting features of editors, libraries, multiple languages, etc. this one’s a favorable choice for website development.

Furthermore, it comes with the benefit of both frontend and backend language. It’s a software framework developed by Microsoft which basically runs on Microsoft Windows to develop websites and mobile apps for better performance.



Java is the most proficient programming language used for the internet application. It’s simple and an efficient language and a preferred language because it’s fast, secure, and reliable. It’s also a robust and independent platform with multi-threading, architectural neutrality. Moreover, with high performance features, java serves as the best choice for servers.

Node Js

Node Js

Node Js is an open source cross platform, and supports all kinds of server tools with advanced applications in Javascript. And enables creating fast web servers in Javascript. Further, Node js is a multi-threading language and is responsible for event loop and execution of programs. Additionally, this application is used for both frontend and backend purposes. We use Node.js to develop beautiful backends.


These all technology that will mentioned on "Database Section" These all are latest database languages. Therefore, a database language also be support your software to stable stickly when you have more traffic.



MongoDB is a cross platform framework for database programs. It uses JSON- with optional schemas. And is classified as a NoSQL database program. This application is object oriented, dynamic and simple. Herein the data objects are collected and stored separately. Instead of following the conventional method of storing the data in rows and columns.

my sql


MySQL is an open source relational database management system based upon structured query language. It’s widely used for e-commerce, logging applications, and data warehousing. Furthermore, MySQL organizes data into one or more data tables as per the relation between each data. And thereby the relation amongst the data, helps in structuring the data.

Sql Server

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL is an open source platform with the primary function of storing and retrieving data. And is a relational database management developed by Microsoft. While it supports numerous features like analytics, transaction processing, business intelligence, etc. It’s built on SQL programming language which manages the database.



Cassandra is an open source platform used for distributed database management systems. And has the capacity to store the large chunks of data at multiple data centers and cloud. It’s a highly scalable database with NoSQL database management system. It also facilitates automated distribution of data and in turn quickly transfers the data.



Hadoop is a software that allows parallel computing. And has the ability to store the data at thousands of servers in minimal time with high performance. However, it can process the data in varied sizes consisting of gigabytes to petabytes. Additionally, it uses java framework to process and transfer the big data.

postgre sql


PostgreSQL is also known as Postgres. It’s a free and open source relational database management system. An age old data management system boosts integrity, and excellence. And is known for the huge data collection of web, apps, geospatial, analytics, etc. Additionally, it’s highly extensible and follows SQL compliances.


There are verious smart and superfast cloud servers available in the market, We choose some smarter and rocket servers to serve our program files to the next level.

Amazon Web Service

Amazon Web Services

Amazon is a recognized cloud computing platform featuring services to platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). And is the world’s most widely and vastly used cloud platform. However, it features extensive facilities like security, content delivery, database storage, computer power, mobile development, remote computing, e-mail, etc.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

It’s a public cloud computing platform featuring the infrastructure as a service (Iaas), platform as a service (Paas) and software as a service (Saas). This cloud computing platform is particularly used for storage, network, analytics, virtual computing, etc. And with the massive data handling capabilities, Microsoft Azure relies on virtualization technology.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud offers two accounts which vary from having an International-Site Account and China-Site Account. Further, Alibaba cloud has the versatility in website management, network, security, middleware, media services, analytics & big data, etc. It holds the USP of having its own inter regional network and is lashed with high security infrastructure possibilities.



Firebase, is Google’s backend application which assists in developing all kinds of mobile apps ranging in iOS, web and android mobile apps. Firebase comes with the advantage of reporting, tracking, analytics, fixing of app crashes, etc. It’s basically a mobile application development from Google with top notch multiple features in it.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a robust cloud platform offered by Google and assists in having a voluminous data center. For meeting data management it develops, deploys and operates applications on the web. And also helps in hyper scale data center facilities. Further, it manages a host of applications such as Google Workplace.


We also work with CMS, Content Management System helping us to create smart content with super fast speed. We develop websites with these given CMS...



WordPress is an open source content management system with a sturdy and scalable website development platform. It’s written in PHP and has the combination of MySQL and Maria DB database.

And with the additional features of integrating plugins and having a customized template for the website, Wordpress boasts of having a huge presence in digital marketing. Developers at Promote Abhi are adept in various technical skills associated with the requirements of the WordPress website development services.



Shopify provides the platform or framework to the e-commerce sites to run their online store. You get the assistance of showcasing your products and services with its equipped and advanced features. And is a number one choice for e-commerce brands. Additionally, with the ease in features to modify and have updates, this platform allows the brands to have successful payment processing when the product is purchased online.



Magento is an advanced open source platform for the e-commerce sites which allows one to have seamless shopping experience with the facility of shopping cart. Additionally, with multiple features which include search engine optimization, catalog management tools, and other functionalities on the site, this platform has robust and dynamic features. Whereas the applicability of varied plugins and themes to integrate, the platform allows one to have a listing of numerous products.



Launch your online store from the technically advanced feature of Opencart and manage the multi-processing tasks such as buying, selling, payments, shopping carts, adding and managing of products, etc. As this store management platform is built on PHP programming language and Mysql database. Additionally, it has the security and desired features which makes this platform best and a preferred choice.



Devops is a combination of practices involved for software development and IT operations. Develops is responsible for quality engineering, development, security, etc. The purpose of having Devops is to shorten the development cycle and thereby enhance the software quality. Combating the traditional speed of service delivery, this top notched software is known for its speed and accuracy.



Docker is an open source platform for developing and managing the mobile application. The uniqueness of this platform is its containerization which enables the developer to package the application in containers. The applicability of containers for developing the apps helps in using simple commands and working through automation in a single API.



Jenkins is an open source continuous integration and deployment software which is written in Java, the programming language. With multiple features, it accelerates the software development process by building, packaging, and static code. It’s also one of the popular CI/CD servers where CI refers to continuous integration and CD means continuous delivery.

Test Automation

With automation system we helping our client to speed up their goals and achivement without any intruption. We also work with smart automation tools...



Protractor is an open source automation and testing framework. It’s normally used to test the advanced HTML attributes, Agular Js, whereas it supports both angular and non- angular applications. Furthermore, it has the competency to test the cross browser testing and is an efficient testing tool for web applications.