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Inventory and Billing Management System


Inventory And Billing Management System

Inventory and billing management system is a software which handles stocks, supplies or inventory of any business. It is a professional tool which is applied to control the inventory smartly in order to maximize profits and minimize the space of the business used for warehousing.

Inventory management software helps large businesses in maintaining inventory, monitoring the stock, purchase and sales record with invoices and also gives alerts on pending payment.

Billing management system is necessary for small businesses like dealers, traders, agents, distributors and small-scale manufacturers to manage their business efficiently through the software.

Inventory and Billing Management System

Important Features of Inventory Management System

Fast Billing

Fast Billing-

Inventory management software is an advanced tool which helps in streamlining the business process. Right from receiving the order to its delivery it acts as a complete system for any business.

This helps in fast billing as you don’t have to worry about the mismanagement of stocks or messy job orders. It’s also user friendly as it requires a small training in handling the software. Just one click and the billing process completes.

Centralized Database

Centralized Database-

One of the best features of the inventory management software developed by us is that it provides a centralized database to the business which helps in getting the update whenever needed and viewing the transactions and order status on the system. From a single screen one can easily get deep insights of the business and make data related decisions.

Access Barcode

Access Barcode-

We create the best inventory management software as it ensures 100% security and saves time. The software generates customized barcodes where the enterprise or business can list and upload products and services, offers and schemes in QR code. Just print and get it pasted outside the counter, office or warehouse where consumers can directly scan to place or orders/payments.

Monitor Purchase

Monitor Purchase-

Inventory management software enables the business to manage all the bills, purchase orders and vendor details at a single place. Make your purchase process more effective by setting reorder points with the advanced automation tool. With the smart purchase order feature, you can now easily order new batches of products nearing depletion and monitor the progress from the origin point to destination.

Data Security

Data Security-

The billing management system is an advanced technical tool which has made the business process run smoothly and efficiently too. Almost all the important data of the business are stored in this software therefore data safety becomes the top priority. Always keep in mind that this software ensures 100% data safety and also provides backup to its user.

Manages Bank Accounts

Manages Bank Accounts-

The user can enjoy an online banking facility in this software as it is integrated with the bank. One can easily manage all types of banking transactions like RTGS, NEFT etc. including auto bank reconciliation without any hassle.

Why Do You Need Inventory Management Software or Systems?

When the business expands, it becomes difficult to handle the purchase and sales process on papers. With the development of this billing management system, it has now become easy to manage end to end stock position, purchase, consumption and sales on your fingertips. This software is designed in such a way that it delivers powerful and long-term solutions to small and large businesses.

Backup of Stock Movement-

This billing management software is an ideal solution for managing the inventory as it keeps the data saved for a longer period. You can easily view the full history of the products including its details like price, date, ID and quantity ordered.

Just add the incoming and outgoing of the stocks manually with the details and the software will calculate the stock left. Furthermore, it also notifies about the status of the stock if in near depletion state.

Backup of Stock Movement
Inventory Control

Inventory Control-

One of the difficulties entrepreneurs’ faces is to control the inventory. With the help of this advanced tool one can edit the stock level manually for any product and add any notes if needed. Moreover, you can also bulk edit all the stock by uploading an excel file.

Notification about Stock Status-

The billing and inventory management Software system follows your products and manages the inventory. This software is the best inventory management software as it notifies you about the status of the stock level of any product which is about to reach its predetermined limit.

With the help of this tool, you can issue purchase orders and send them to your suppliers which will lead to customer satisfaction and positive feedback.

Notification about Stock Status
Quick Selection of Products

Quick Selection of Products-

The billing management software is user friendly and fully supports the barcode system. You can easily add new products through their barcode numbers while issuing invoice or tracking orders.

Addition of Unlimited Products-

The best part of this software is that you can add an unlimited number of products along with the details and images. The bill management software will show you the advanced report and the comparative sales performance of the product.

Addition of Unlimited Products
Get Variance Reporting at Single Stocktaking

Get Variance Reporting at Single Stocktaking-

Does the business apply the software’s stocktaking sheet to view all the products with their current status for invaluable comparison? Wherever you are, it is accessible anywhere anytime with your internet enabled device.

Issue Invoice and Send Estimates Professionally -

This technical tool creates invoices and estimates professionally in an organized manner. Add all the products to print or send them directly to the client. The billing management software provides simple to use layouts which are customizable for invoices and estimates.

Issue Invoice and Send Estimates Professionally
Creates Purchase Order

Creates Purchase Order-

This advanced software has everything in its store and is meant for small, mid-sized and large businesses. Now you can easily create new purchase orders, track their progress from point of origin to destination and maintain supplier details on the fly. It is a complete software because it helps in order management right from receiving the purchase order till its delivery.

So, from next time you do not have to worry about the orders or payments as one can easily find the detailed report of the same with a few clicks.

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