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@promoteabhiBuilt the future of your brand with Android application development services. And enrich the brand presence with technologically efficient mobile application. As we create the faster and seamlessly smooth running Android mobile application by deploying the latest technology.

Android App Development Services

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Android App Development

Android App Development

  • Build the future of your brand with android app development services. And enrich the brand presence with technologically efficient mobile application. As we create the faster and seamlessly smooth-running Android mobile application by deploying the latest technology. Promote Abhi is a fast growing mobile app development services company in India offering custom apk application development in Delhi Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

    With dedicated efforts, proper planning and structuring of the Android mobile application development process, our developers present the project within shorter turnarounds. Further, we develop the compatible Android mobile application ranging in small size apps to medium and large apps.

    Why Choose Promote Abhi For Your Android App Development Services in India?

    However, our core competency and years of experience in the domain makes the prior choice for the Android OS application development. Consecutively, with over millions of users for the android mobile devices, you open the avenue to reach the target customer online with custom Android app development service.

    We develop Android apk mobile applications for multiple android devices which range from smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and watches, etc. Thereby, leveraging the hand of support from the designing to development, as we deliver the best Android application making services to you. With faster and swift apps, which can let you sweep the market presence with ace.

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Android App Development Company

Our Specialization In Android Mobile Application Development

High Return on Investment

Impressive Interface

We develop the app that has an interactive interface and a competent backend having an intense server. With superior UI/UX design, we create Android mobile apps with quick deployment.



We develop the Android mobile application with robust porting standards. So that the app showcases its presence on multiple android devices and operating system (OS). Additionally, you get the lightweight framework which expands the dimension of the Android mobile apps performance on several devices.



Enabling versatility with equipped features, our Android mobile application development service ensures aesthetic design, easier navigation, robust architecture and single checkout.

With easy to install and manage features, the mobile application provides web-based solutions to the online audience within a few clicks of the Android devices. Additionally, with the applicability of streaming video and audio online, we deliver mobile applications with exciting and stunning graphics, which provides information and notification.


Technologically Advanced

With the usage of the latest technologies, we develop mobile apps in the programming language that are android friendly. Further, our Android mobile application development services entail image loading, networking, using animation and effects, testing, enabling maps, featuring local storage, reactive programming, languages, etc.

Thereby, you launch an effectively performing app which is lashed with Google voice actions, etc. and we make it happen for you regardless of location constraints.



With the layered security in the Android mobile app, you can be assured of the top notched security in the app. As we protect it from several threats and spams. Additionally, data protection and privacy form the core element of mobile application development

Android App Development Services

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Android App Development

Why Choose Us?

With the hassle-free process of mobile application development, we develop even the complex Android mobile apps. And by ensuring speed, quality, stability, security and performance, we keep a checklist of a variety of factors for Android mobile application services.

Transparency: Our transparency in the Android mobile application development service grants trust and reliability. And by providing you updates about our each course of action, you can avail the information of Android mobile application development regularly.

Customization: With the custom development of Android mobile apps, we focus upon the operational efficiency of the app and develop the application which is sustainable.

Hence by taking care of each measure in line with the client's expectation, our Android mobile application development service is best in the national capital. As we match the requirements of business by creating apps that are industry specific and responsive.

Team: We have the required skill and years of experience for the Android mobile app development. And our profound team of experts helps in the development of mobile applications with ease.

Furthermore, with the auditing of code and writing in the effective codes, we create the Android mobile application which is reliable and uninterrupted. However, with budgeted pricing and enhanced knowledge and expertise in the android app development, we believe in fostering healthy relationships with clients.

Expand your business reach with Android app development company in India and win the market presence by increasing the online visibility. Likely, earn profits by having the mass reach. And be the best in your industry by getting the Android mobile app developed for your brand.

Why Choose Us - Android App Development

Expand your business reach with Android app development Company and win the market presence by increasing the online visibility. Likely, earn profits by having the mass reach. And be the best in your industry by getting the Android mobile app developed for your brand.

Android App Development Services to Empower Your Business


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FAQ's On Android App Development

Kotlin is considered to be the best language for android app development. It’s been the widely acceptable language for the android app development due to its productivity, efficient and code safety. It assures that you app is technically feasible and makes sure that it’s not going to crash easily.

Furthermore, it has the modern language feature in it with database updates. And there are many apps ranging for start-ups and big fortune companies that are developed and the language has showed its efficacy with quality app development and eased user experience.

Java is the programming language that is mostly used for the android app development due to its safety and efficiency. Java is the best platform for developing apps that are mobile and desktop friendly. Additionally, Java is the first name for creating small to medium and large apps for brands across India.

Java also helps in coding the whole program. And is unique and popular programming language due to its write once and run the code anywhere in the entire program. Thus you need to compile the code once, and with minimal timing, creating the app becomes easy and smooth.

With gaining momentum of digital presence at the smartphones for brands all over the world. You need the android application services for your business for the development of online presence and in turn for growing sales and profitability.

The customised development of app assists in building huge consumer base online. Furthermore, with easy reach and access of the site to the multiple devices, android application development is not the choice rather the compulsion for today’s business set up. The application provides the access to brand’s information at the clicks of mobile at any time of the day.

Promote Abhi follows a systematic approach in development of android app, wherein we discuss and plan about the features and structure of the app with the client. Thereafter, by laying research and prototyping, we create the sketch and design of app and after the approval from the client.

We go on towards development of mobile app. And test the app for its efficacy and performance. And finally launch the app after the seeking the permission from the app owner. Conclusively, we follow transparency and check points for each step in the development and provide an informed service to the businesses.

Developing of the mobile app for the business turns out to be beneficial in terms of brand awareness, as with easy reach to the target audiences, the mobile app generating sales and leads. With endless benefits of developing an app, one can expect to make enough money from the app.

But quoting an exact amount here would be a misnomer. As developing an app results into expanding the reach of business where the success of mobile app depends upon its technical efficacy and performance. Furthermore, an interactive app with feasibility of usage allows the business to make enormous amount of money. Thus keeping certain factors into alignment, a business can expect to generate maximum output and return from the app.

Your business needs an android app for expanding the sales record. With the advent of mobile marketing and smart shopping alternatives on mobile app, your business reaches to a new height with the successful implementation of android app. Additionally, there are two platforms, Android and iOS, which control more than 99% of the global app market. Android presently controls the worldwide market share, owning most of the market share, while iOS possessed very less no. of shares.

The easy reach of services and offerings on android apps provides an added advantage to the business in fetching maximum leads and enquiry. The apps have become the platform of online store as with display of varied product categories and feasibility of online payment gateway, having an android app for the business results into maximum gain and win- win situation for the business.

Presently, having no mobile app for businesses, loses an opportunity for exploiting on the growing number of smartphone users. The majority of businesses see mobile apps as a means of cultivating customer service. Customer satisfaction and availability should be, one of the top most priorities and for that mobile apps are the answer to raising the customer satisfaction.

Mobile apps, directly sell products to end-users and contribute to brand awareness. Push notifications, helps in the direct communication.

Mobile app’s biggest benefit is, all the information delivered at the fingertips.

Website or Mobile app both offer unique advantages to companies, and they can work together. You don’t have to choose between a website and a mobile app.

When searching online, a website can be easier for people to find. You don’t need separate versions of your website for iOS and Android. However, creating a website is cheaper and takes less time than creating an app. But a mobile app can improve your marketing reach, and it can provide a unique channel for appealing new customers or fetching current customers. Websites can track user behavior but an app can.

As mobile apps become easier to create and maintain, many businesses are combining a mobile-friendly website with a mobile app. Prompting visitors to download your mobile app can add language to your website. As an app is a brilliant channel for reaching out to public, communicating them directly via push notifications. If a mobile website is a great means to start a connection with a customer, then an app can expand current relationships. Hence both mobile app and website is relevant and better for the business.

For having the android app development, an entity needs to have organized set of plans and goals for android app. From designing the layout to deciding upon the interactive interface, the android app development requires strategic approach in the right direction to tap the interest of target audience.

And by imbibing the right technology and working on the technical efficiency of the app. An Android app development company enables one to have the desired mobile app with excellence service. As the development of mobile app goes through several testing, maintenance and support service.

Latest FAQ's - Android App Development

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