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Coupon Management System

Digital presence is all about accelerating brand awareness online. Henceforth, Coupons or Discount Management Software aids in creating a buzz in the market. However, Coupon Management System helps in generating traffic to your digital store online. As coupons have the driving force to attract new and existing customers.

Flexible Reward Management System

Advanced Administration/Reporting

Comes with Android Mobile App

Personalized Offers to Cutomers.

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Coupon Management System and Software - Promote Abhi

Helping Your Business Grow with Coupon Management System

Coupon Management System is one of the advanced forms of system established to drive consumer engagement through enticing coupons and discounts. And this personalized incentive is a hit idea for the startup business ideas in generating maximum profits.

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Coupon Management

What is a Coupon Management System?

Coupon management system is an effective program for start-ups. As it’s easy to promote or advertise a digital coupon on various media platforms. Thereby promote your coupon management Software by having a robust system online.

Implementing the coupon code can be a daunting task for many, thus associated with us to have an easy and smooth coupon Scan Software for your start-up ideas.

Learn About our QR-based Anti-counterfeiting software and know how it's help to prevent loyalty fraud!

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Get Mobile Ready

Generate the codes in QR format and use our mobile scanning app to verify the redemption in-store.



Create Coupons

Easily create coupons using a easy & secure Web Portal.



Distribute coupons to your connected customers by different mediums.



Customer Reedeems Coupons via mobile app and get cashback.

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Discover the power of QR codes and mobile apps with our coupon management software. Effortlessly create and distribute coupons while enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.

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Access the several benefits of Coupon Management System under our expert supervision with economical pricing and best guided solution. Win your consumer’s heart with special offers and promos and evidence the hike in the sales.

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Elements Of Coupon Management Strategy

Fast Billing

Manage your Coupons

Have a system to analyze the active coupons available on several platforms. And gain an advantage of real time accessing of information. By reviewing the redemption of coupons and the details such as coupon status where the information of redeem date, coupon code, etc. are prevalent.

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Centralized Database

Build Customer Relationships

Coupon Software turns out to be of huge relevance in attracting new customers and they also aid in reduced advertisement cost as a coupon in itself is a boon for business in attracting greater sales. Moreover, with the edge of coupon QR Code Scan system, you design and structure the rules for loyalty programs, gift cards and vouchers, referral programs, etc.

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Access Barcode

Track the Coupons

Furthermore, analyses the results of voucher campaigns and draw the valuable insights from the campaign pertaining to vendor channel, user type, etc. And through the interactive dashboard, check the number of active coupons or expired ones and redeemed ones by analyzing the redemption rate.

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Monitor Purchase

Customize the Coupon

Have one powerful platform and enjoy the hassle-free coupon management Software. With the flexibility to create, design and implement, seek suggestions on every aspect of the coupon management system and then decide to partner with us. Customize your coupon as per your requirement and design, as per the preference of the target audience.

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Data Security

Avail Consumer Data

You get an immense advantage to obtain the consumer data, because in order to avail the coupon, the buyer shares their email id or mobile number, which can be further used by the company for repeat sales in the future. Additionally, you can collect numerous consumer data that can be substantially beneficial for digital marketing campaigns.

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Manages Bank Accounts

Analyze the Performance

Evaluate the performance of coupon software, by assessing whether it’s progressive or a failure. Thereafter, even if you fail, you can build strategies based upon the collected data. Playing with your data and using it in a million other ways for the success of business, we create the difference for you with our trusted coupon management system.

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FAQ's On Coupon Management Software

The software enables businesses to generate unique QR codes for their coupons. Customers can then scan these codes using a mobile app to redeem the coupon and avail the associated offer or discount.
This software provides several benefits, including increased customer engagement, improved tracking and analytics, targeted marketing campaigns, and the ability to drive sales and customer loyalty.
Coupons are a convenient method to save money while buying online without compromising on quality. Anyone can procure great deals on purchase through these coupons -

Store Coupons - Individual retailers distribute store coupons. The coupons are only valid at the store where they were issued.
Cashback - Likewise a coupon, it helps you to save money. If you do online shopping, the cashback is credited to your account with the specific coupon website.
Coupon Code - During online shopping, you can acquire coupon codes to procure discounts. Enter your Coupon code before completing the order to get a discount.
With the Coupon management system, our marketers keep a track of customer information and coupon usage in order to extract specific consumer segments from discount offers. It also alerts you when a coupon is misused or information is stolen.
Our Coupon Management solution aids in the maintenance and growth of your customer base, transactions, and other related data. It keeps you in touch with the customers by displaying real-time data on when and how coupons are used, as well as influencing your decisions about how to advertise coupons for better outcomes.
You can find numerous best coupon management systems available that offer exclusive benefits. We have arrived with the best coupon management system, and cards. Avail the best experience and convenience of our coupon strategy which is developed to escalate profits.
Coupons are a terrific method to give your consumers discounts and rewards, and this may also help you increase sales throughout your store. It keeps you in touch with customers. A coupon management system is a marketing strategy that aids to create, distribute, and track coupons to bring better results for your business.
Yes, you can customize the coupons according to your brand, marketing strategy, and specific offers. The software usually offers flexible design options and customization features.
Yes, It's designed to integrate with existing point-of-sale (POS) systems or e-commerce platforms, ensuring seamless redemption and tracking.
Reputable coupon management software employs encryption and secure data handling to ensure the security and integrity of coupons. This helps prevent fraud and unauthorized coupon usage.
To get started, you can contact our team directly via email ( or dial phone number (+91-9899484839). We will guide you through the process of setting up the software and provide training and support to ensure a smooth implementation.
Latest FAQ's - Coupon Management System

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