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Software as a Service

SAAS (software as a service) Products

What is Saas?

Software as a Service (SAAS) gives you the access to use the software by simply having the internet connection. And in turn you reduces the complexities of having your own software. Moreover, SAASproducts ensures security, availability and performance and thereby saves the money on huge investment of software.

You get rid of installing and of maintaining the software. With no worries of updating the software, SAAS products are the perfect selection for companies looking to have effective automated service. Thus, provide the advancement of improved application to your valuable customers at the cost effective rates by having SAAS products.

SAAS product available with us varies in features of IT tools to various analytics tools to determine the performance of the organization. Our SAAS development basically caters to the requirements of B2B businesses. Howsoever, SAAS connection is typically availed on the web browsers. Thus one can have their own software and thereafter they can integrate it with the SAAS products.

What is Saas

Features of SAAS Products

In order to have digitalize and automated operations for your business, SAAS is the ultimate choice for every big and small organizations.SAAS products are user friendly and the access of it can be easily gained on the mobile device. Thus you save the efforts and time consuming process of having the software.

Features of SAAS Products
Improved Connectivity

Improved Connectivity

SAAS product allows you to have better connectivity to the multiple devices simultaneously. With the sharing of screen on the numerous devices companies can improve their productivity and connect with the different channels of operations from one another. Thereby, you have an end to end solution for your operation’s core functionality.

Customized Offerings

SAAS products helps you in having customized solutions as per your demand and preference. Wherein you acquire the benefits of those features from the software that are relevant to your organization. Further, as a startup project management, we provide updates to the software and allows one to have lesser risk and at the least cost.

Customized Offerings
Centrally Managed

Centrally Managed

SAAS development enables an organization to manage the functionality of the business at the central level. Making things smooth and easier for the organizations, SAAS products are the premium and prior choice to digitally advancethe companies. Moreover, its gives the access to huge set of people at a time with the centralized license.


You can change the offerings and services of SAAS as per the preference any time. As we can create the necessary changes for the business in software. Due to its ease of doing operations with relation to added benefit to the operations and functionality, the software acts as the support in enhancing the productivity.

Advantages of SAAS

Advantages of SAAS

Herein you don’t need to download the software, simply having the access from the SAAS development company can do the needful for you. SAAS products are economical as you can have them, from us by agreeing on the subscription pricing model. You gain access to the features of software where the pricing for the SAAS products gets determined by the number of active users on the software.

Facility of Mobile Apps:

With SAAS, you get to use the cloud based app with the internet connection. Thus, with the minimum costing and availability of top notched features, having the access to app is feasible. However, you save the additional cost of setting up of the software, as you pay for the services which you require. Further, SAAS development comes in the budget for entities.

Easily Manageable:

You get the access to free usage of software, as you don’t need to purchase the software and thereby you have no botheration of installing and maintaining the software. Additionally, an enterprise gets the access to readymade software by paying the rental charge for the usage at affordable rates. Likely,you are free from the hassles of having software license.

Data Security:

You can avail the information to all the activities of your organization by accessing the information from the cloud. And this way you don’t need to take care of the backup files. And there remains no tension of the data loss.

Technical Support:

With ongoing updates happening as per the change in the technology, we provide you the new version of software, as we like to keep you updated with the software’s latest changes.

SAAS Security and Privacy

Laying specific attention on the security and protection, SAAS product aims to provide secure and reliable software that can perform effectively without any error. The SAAS provides the facility of free fixing of the bugs and thereby enhances the productivity as you don’t have to worry about the defaults.

We handle code based complexities, for you. And with adequate encryption and handling of the security prerequisites, you can count on us for smooth functioning of the software without any data theft. We provide the security, speed and required privacy. Thus, by contracting with us on the data terms and condition, you can be rest assured and can function with confidence.

SAAS Security and Privacy
ASP vs. Saas

ASP vs. Saas

As Application service provider (ASP) Vs. Software as a service (SAAS), the terms are closely inter related to each other. ASP provides the service to the customers over the internet by having the access to the software, like in coupon management system. SAAS is the system that enables the organizations to manage their backend operations with the help of software. For instance in school management system.


On the contrary having the dedicated software of your own would require, cost on infrastructure. But deploying the ERP software, saves the efforts on purchasing of the software, maintaining and updating it. This is the best possible gain for the organizations that cannot afford to have their own software

Our SAAS Offerings

Our SAAS Offerings

Choose your SAAS products from our curated offerings that are designed to help you in improving efficiency and productivity of your business. Thereby, create the impactful change in the way of doing business and evidence the results by using the software. Additionally, as startup project management, we take care of all your SAAS requirements.

School management software

Manage the varied jobs of the school management with the deployment of effective software. And observe the ease in daily activities. As the specifically designed school management software, manages the voluminous collection of data on the single platform.

By reducing the task of manual recording of data, the school management system effectively turns out to be beneficial for the school management in tracking and recording of student details, whereas for teachers maintaining the attendance and performance sheet of the student becomes feasible. Making it far easier and seamless for the parents to assess the report cards, an automated software is premiere choice for every school these days.

Utilize the efficacy of software, and the school’s time and effort from the offline processing of the school duties and core responsibilities. As with required speed and security, the accessibility of software to departments of school makes tasks easier and quicker. Henceforth, choose to go paperless and have the latest technology for your school.

School management software
Billing and inventory management software

Billing and inventory management software

Have the effortlessly refined billing and inventory system at your organization. And enhance the productivity by perfectly managing the every details of the inventory. Additionally, have the access to data security, fast billing, centralized repository of information, and monitor the activities of the billing and inventory operations.

With the real time access to the information on the status of inventory, you manage the different fronts of the inventory control by having the access to information within few clicks of the software. Moreover, with the ease of using the software, you save the time on managing the monotonous course of action. And have an updated information about the stocksand billing matters.

Whilst with technologically advanced SAAS product run your business.Thereby, improve the productivity of the business, withautomated software as it reduces the tedious job of recording of data and information.Thus all you need to have is SAAS as a solution and leave the rest on us.

Coupon management system

Promote your business by having the coupons on the purchase of products and services. Let the audience have the access to freebies and discounts with the efficacy of coupon management system which is typically a SAAS product.

With the facility of coupon management system, you get to manage coupons on the several online platforms and thereby you can also track the performance of coupons by having the look at the number of redemption.

Saas development in coupon management system is based upon the requirements of the business, as you customize the coupons as per the desirability. Thus, the system allows the businesses to have promotional campaign online and draw the insights from the consumer data about the preferences and likeness by tracing the data.

Meeting the needs of the today’s business requirement the SAAS products allows the entities to have equipped features at the cost effective rates, as they don’t have to bear the elementary cost of having the coupon management software. And just with ease of simple commands using SAAS products is a winning proposition for the startup project management.

Coupon management system


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