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Why You Should Hire a Mobile App Development Company and Not Freelancers?

Table of Content

1.0 - Why Hire a Mobile App Development Company and Not Freelancers?

2.0 - 11 Reasons Why to Hire a Professional Mobile Application Development Company

3.0 - The Importance of Mobile App for Business Success

Once you have decided to go with the mobile app development service, you land with two options to go for where one is to seek the service from the mobile app development company in Bangalore and the other one is to have the service from freelancers. Thus, resolving your points of doubts and giving a clarity on the both the perspectives, get to know how a mobile app development company turns out worthy and gainful.

Hire a Mobile App Development Company

Your mobile app must be functional and technically equipped to perform. And you cannot compromise on the utility and its quality because a huge customer base prevails on the mobile app. Thus, having the , service from a professional mobile app development company serves your purpose as they guarantee confidence, assurance and reliability. With gained years of experience and on time delivery, one receives endless advantages while associating with the android app development company.

Why Hire a Mobile App Development Company and Not Freelancers?

Whereas availing service from freelancers might bring about limitations to your overall experience. Because if something goes wrong with your app. And if you aren’t able to catch up with the developer or freelancer, it can result into resentment and disappointment. There are various reasons of having the service from Mobile app Development Company in India than going to a freelancer. Thus, let’s check out how a mobile app development company creates the difference for you?

There are various reasons of having the service from Mobile app Development Company in India than going to a freelancer. Thus, let’s check out how a mobile application development company creates the difference for you?

11 Reasons Why to Hire a Professional Mobile Application Development Company

1. Interactive User Interface:

The design and appealing interface are the winning element of any app. Because the essence and aesthetic appeal of the app with its unique advanced design is captivating. Thus, taking care of UI/design of the app, an android app development company integrates your app completely with its impactful user experience to its technical competencies. Attaining the accessibility to varied design options, from the mobile app development company, you craft your idea of a perfect design. But contrary to the above context, this possibility might get restricted, if a freelancer is not exposed to the diversity in the designs.

Interactive User Interface – Mobile App Development

2. Technology is Everything:

With the experience and knowledge in the field, android app development company guides, you with the pro technological developments in the mobile app. By implementing cutting edge technology in the app, a mobile app development company lays attention towards deploying latest technological advancement to the app. And with technologically advanced team, the company can match up to the business requirements effectively within shorter turnarounds. But considering the aspects of freelancers, it can be a difficulty for an individual to match the standards of technological developments due to lack of resources

3. Technical Assistance:

Your mobile app must be scalable and effective for the frequent usage, and you might be looking for a customized and advanced feature in the mobile app, with the adequacy in software, and technological advancement. Thus, an android app development company can fulfill such desires easily as compared to a freelancer as finding about the technical competence of a freelancer is a cumbersome task. Thereby a renowned digital marketing company dealing in mobile app development is much more beneficial than going to freelancers.

4. Reliability & Trust:

Calculating in terms of performance and reliability, the mobile app development company’s prestigious record is enough for you decide the right company. With the portfolio of several mobile apps that are operating successfully, you can keep a check at the consumers and client’s testimonials. Moreover, find about the company on the Goggle with its reviews and ratings. But in case of freelancers, you ought to take care of a number of factors for having the mobile app development service.

5. Consistency:

Dealing with the complexities of mobile app development and sorting out the issues, you can evidence specialized expertise from the mobile app development company and thereby enjoy the uninterrupted service. However, with the planned and structured way of processing the task, a particular project manager is assigned for the development of app which keeps the regular flow of communication, whenever you need them. But the case reverses, in case of freelancers, and you are in a constant fear and threats. And a feeling that what if he/she doesn’t pick up the call or if they don’t intend to deliver on time, persists in the mind. And as you have paid the initial amount to start the work, the fear constantly prevails in your mind with the questions like what if this happens and what if that happens?

6. Processes of Mobile App Development:

The development of mobile app is not a one-time interaction with clients, it requires series of discussions with the clients in order to understand their expectations. And after development, the mobile app goes through the requirement of maintenance and support. With the passing of Alpha and beta test and successful launching of the site, an android app development company keeps a continuous check on the performance of the app.

Processes of Mobile App Development

From pre development of app to delivery of app to the post service in app, a genuine mobile app development company can be held responsible for overall experience as the company stays with you in each step of the mobile app development. But there’s a greater probability that you might face trouble in catching up at each phase with your freelancer.

7. Costing and Fixed Charges:

You receive the benefit of fixed charges with a mobile app development company irrespective of the changes initiated in the mobile app whereas the costing of app is determined on the hour basis by the freelancers which can cost big sum of amount, if you assess and compare the total costing in comparison to a mobile app development company. Furthermore, by promising the better results, freelancers might not deliver what is expected from them. As there are all kinds of frauds that are prevalent in the market.

8. Risk Factor:

You land up in a low-risk zone if you contract with a mobile app development company. A company stays with the client from the beginning to deliver of app and post delivery service of the app, because a company has a physical presence with the adequate brand name and team size that won’t run away in a day whereas in case of freelancers, it’s difficult to keep a track of their presence in the longer run. Thereby you lie in a high-risk zone while associating with freelancers.

9. Expertise & Knowledge:

If a company hires a mobile app developer, it goes through several scanning and checking of the profile, expertise and skillsets of the individual and only after reviewing the profiles of several individual who are looking forwards to have job, an eligible one is selected for the profile of mobile app developer. Thus, while connecting with the mobile app development company you are confident about the expertise and knowledge possessed by the mobile app developer. Moreover, having worked for several big names to small size companies, the attained knowledge and expertise from the vast and diverse degree of clients is a favorable aspect for the mobile app development company.

Whereas it’s an entirely different experience with the freelancers, as a buyer cannot review their experience and skillsets by their own, especially if you are a layman in the technical and technological sphere.

10. Benefit of Team:

A team in the mobile app development company gives an edge over series of matters. And one such benefit is getting your work done with a skilled, talented and dedicated team. Where even if one member from the team falls sick, there are other members to continue with the project. And this way there happens to be no delay in the delivery of the app.

Benefit of Team for Mobile App Development

But the situation varies; you have tied up with a freelancer. Because even if they are good, reliable and have acquired a good name in the domain, if they fall sick or meet with any unavoidable circumstances, the project comes to a standstill and you will have to wait for them to execute the work, once they have acquired the right mental frame as freelancers cannot afford to have a backend team with them.

Your app is required to fulfill or go through the legitimate rules and regulations. Thereby an android mobile app development company assists you with the legal matters. And with their profound experience, they deal with the initial hiccups in successfully establishing of the app. But there is no such assistance provided by the freelancers in the legal front.

The Importance of Mobile App for Business Success

With the wide stretch of reach and technological advancement, you can draw the conclusion that availing the service from the mobile app developing company turns out to be a positive and favorable experience for the consumers. At the end we leave the choice on you to decide that what’s best for you? As it depends upon your preference and likeness that what preferably goes well for you? As both the aspects of mobile app development service from companies and freelancers have its own pros and cons. And they are the two sides of the coin, providing equal results.

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