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Spammy Digital Marketing Practices that Kill Trust and Conversions

Spammy Digital Marketing Practices
Table of Content

1.0 - Importance of Digital Marketing for The Success of a Business

2.0 - Bad Practices of Digital Marketing

3.0 - Why Trust is a Big Deal?

If talking about the business online? It’s impossible to ignore the importance of digital marking for the success of a business. As the success of the business online, largely depends upon the right application and techniques of digital marketing and promotion, with the right set of planning, selection of the adequate platforms, and having the understanding of target audience, etc. There goes a lot of thoughtful processing and execution for running the digital marketing campaign and thereafter the success of business is attained.

But the picture isn’t that rosy, as you read about the success story of the digital marketing presence and its boosted profits for the businesses. There comes practical difficulty and real-life obstacles from the end of the unethical digital marketers. Who intends to take the advantage of you, by charging high and delivering the opposite of your expectations? And with several follow ups and trust issues, you land up being frustrated and in turn, you lose the hope from the prospective world of digital marketing. Thereafter, you lose hefty sum of money.

And for a business owner it’s kind of impossible to have the substantial knowledge about the digital marketing’s bad tactics. Thus, get to know, what do digital marketers do? And find about the benefits of digital marketing in detail wherein availing the service in digital marketing happens to be the best possible solutions.

Importance of Digital Marketing for The Success of a Business

With the dawn of internet age, we as a civilization have gone through massive technological advancements and that in turn has brought the world closer as ever. As distances grew smaller, businesses grew at a much faster pace culminating in the age of globalization which is setting the pace for future growth. Digital marketing has been one of the front runners in this race for future growth and has turned out to be a boon for even medium and small businesses, who wishes to reach a bigger audience at budget.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Within a short decade digital marketing success has revolutionized the trend of marketing which in turn has produced even more ambitious entrepreneurs who seek to use this incredible tool at their disposal to grow without any boundaries as the world is within their reach through digital marketing.

But regrettably the real world is not so perfect and simple and there exists a group of people who indulge in malpractices and tend to harm businesses with their unethical approaches. Bad practices by digital marketing company in India need to be discussed seriously. And consumer must be informed about the importance of digital marketing and ways to stay away from such scammers.

Bad Practices of Digital Marketing

Here we are going to discuss how these malpractices affect your business and its credibility in the long run? And what do digital marketers do?

Bad Practices of Digital Marketing

1. Lack of proper interface

First thing that a potential customer notices about your business is its website and its content. If that website is not modern and appealing enough, then customer might never visit again. There are various issues with any website like cluttered design which can remind one of the days of the windows 98 and give an impression that it is not updated at all.

Another problem is of poor navigation and various auto playing media which irritates the user to no end and easily turns out to be the bad practices of digital marketing company in India. In many cases people tend to leave websites where the content is often shrouded by a host of marketing pop ups that frustrate the hell out of the users.

Other websites have no contact information of the host and this breaches the confidence of a potential customer. Having broken links makes one think that the site is a scam all together. Thus realize the importance of digital marketing and choose to make the sound decision by selecting the right digital marketing agency.

2. Promoting misleading marketing tactics

There are a host of misleading marketing tricks that constitutes to bad practices in digital marketing services.

Spamming a new user with various messages and overlays, result in the user getting irritated and leaving the site for good. Some sites right away ask the users to register and login even before they had a chance to look around the site and get interested in it. This tactic has repercussions as many tend to not come back ever.

Misleading Marketing Tactics

Many websites are full of paid and fake reviews for all the products they offer. This technique might earn your business with few careless customers at first but they won’t be returning any time soon after they come across the reality. The worst thing to do is to try and fool a customer thinking that something is free yet in reality it costs them money. This practice makes customers believe that company is indulging in bad practices for digital marketing success. Thus, have digital marketing help and prefer to have ethical promotional and marketing campaign.

3. That Phony behavior

Today’s world runs partially on mobile phones and mobile phone marketing has caught up quite some speed yet some unscrupulous tactics are still used by some and make users suffer the bad practices of digital marketing services.

Having a mobile version of your site always helps because running a website on mobile browser is not very easy if it has not been modified for the same. This creates a major problem with user experience. Many websites start sending unwanted mobile phone messages which creates uneasiness to the user and they might opt to leave the site for greener pastures. Spammy emails are a bane to any business because they break trust with the customers and are irritating to the core.

There is also a lack of personalization on most websites. Thus gain the benefits of digital marketing and personalize the service to grow the business by leaps and bounds.

4. Unlawful data collection

Modern customer is well aware of his/her rights and everyone knows that collecting sensitive personal data is unlawful act and breaches customer confidence in the brand. And this bad practice of digital marketing agency is getting out of hand.

Many websites and companies sell this data to various other companies for money and in turn breach the trust of their customers. Companies should not keep asking customers for their confidential data after signing up as it could lead to loss of customer trust and satisfaction.

5. Lack of customer service base

If any business wants to grow with time, it should include a lively customer service base which can deal with any problems related to products or services swiftly. Many companies boast of having a good customer service base and attract new customers but that doesn’t last the in long run and eventually they lose customers.

If consumers cannot seek digital marketing help when required, it’s possible that they will discontinue your services at the earliest. This is a glaring reality of bad practices by the digital marketing company in India. It turns out that customer loses confidence and trust in the brand and thereafter they move on to other digital marketing agency for a better online customer support system.

6. Quality of content on offer

Even after having a flashy and clean website there could be a chance that users might not find it engaging enough and that could be attributed to poor quality of content used. This is another bad practice of digital marketing agency that needs to be checked.

With modern age there is demand for newer ideas daily and copying older ideas will only lead to less intriguing content which turns out to be of no good. Even with the high competition it’s necessary to keep the quality of content top notch and tweak it occasionally to keep in touch with modern trends of society.

Whatsoever, radical ideas mixed with cutting age graphics can bring life to some amazing 3d content which is in demand all over the world and is creating a niche in its own. Therefore, avail the digital marketing help in this direction.

7. Quality of content on offer

One of the bad practices in digital marketing service is that some agencies lie to any extent in order to earn the trust of a new user and then ditch them with time. As they create false narratives and deliver little or no positive result in the long run. This creates a sense of insecurity in the customers.

A promise to rank, your brand name number one in no time is as false as it can get because they have no data to support such claims. As a result, manipulating people with quick results and huge investment is an easy prey.

However, they mostly try and get ranked a certain keyword which they believe is good enough but in reality, that keyword is not searched much by the user and hence the ranking doesn’t get enhanced.

8. Learning is earning

Having said all this, we emphasize the need to learning in every aspect of digital marketing services. And this way an individual or company can overcome the short comings by avoiding the distasteful customer experience. As malpractice by the digital marketing agency not only hampers growth but degrades the face value of your product and company.

Going for the best industry practices should be the norm while using scientific temperament to handle future bottlenecks. Thus, attain knowledge on the benefits of digital marketing. And in this quest, we need to remember that ethical tactics followed by the digital marketing company in India, helps the business grow as it creates a brand value in longer run owns the trust over the time.

Why Trust is a Big Deal?

In the world of digital marketing, it is imperative for the companies to create trust among their customers. This single word contains the whole working of the marketing business and is taken seriously by every big or small company on the planet. Any digital marketer needs to build a relationship with his customers and through that relationship, you can keep them for lifetime and even induce a sense of confidence in the next generation for your brand.

But surprisingly some just believe in the crooked way of operating and are hell bent on using unlawful means to drive away potential customers to the businesses. Such marketing tactics are usually counterproductive and results in customers believing that your business is being run on bad practices for digital marketing success.

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